Better Way of Getting Rid of Trash

After years of thinking I thought of a better way to get rid of trash. It would require lots of materials and funding. But here is the idea:

I was thinking instead of putting trash in a trash can or recycling bin…


How about we make a trash incinerator that you can add in your home. This is a rough illustration of what I am thinking:


I just made this, I know it isn’t much but it is a basis for the idea. Anyways here let me explain this illustration. Okay, it says that the opening for the shaft is 8ft from the floor. This is so kids or children won’t fall in or any teenagers that are goofing around. Now you are probably wondering how you put stuff in the shaft for it to be incinerated it’s pretty simple. There will be some stairs guarded by a locked door. But not any locked door. Its panel will have a padlock. On the panel, you will have a retinal scanner assigned to the parent’s eye. And then there is a keypad and thumb print pad just to make sure kids can’t get into it. Moving on, the trash will fall down the shaft and get ground up by the grinders. Then those little bits will fall into a pit of molten metal the molten metal will be continually heated by a group of solar powered heating coils. The heat will be transfered to a heating plate that conducts the heat and heats the container the molten metal is in. The solar panels will be above ground and connected to a wire that transmits energy to those coils. For excess heat, there will be an excess heat shaft that will suck the heat out of the chamber once a green light appears near the unit’s control panel. You can not turn off the heating coils because the molten metal would harden rendering it useless. But you can turn off the grinders and close the shaft the trash goes down. And that is pretty much my idea. I have nowhere near the needed funds for this but anyone that does. Please use this plan. Try it, and see if it works. If it does please do tell me. And at least reference this page. It would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have anything you would like to say please do so in the comments.


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