Salad Dressing & Bread

Hello, I decided I would make my first actual post about one of my favorite snacks. I originally thought this up in my head. I had no idea if it was going to even taste good but I tried it. I haven’t got a name for it yet. Let me know if you have any ideas in the comments. But anyways the first thing you will need is some bread. I use Sliced White Bread. I know wheat is better but it was the only thing I had. But yeah get some sliced bread or slice some bread on your own. Make sure it is thick so the dressing won’t drip all over you…


Next add some creamy salad dressing to one of the slices or both if you want.


And that is about it. Now you can add some cheese if you want,


and that’s all you have to do except for maybe slap the other bread on top and enjoy. I don’t expect everyone to like this. And it may sound weird at first. But in my opinion it was pretty good. Have any questions just comment below!


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